How to get your first 5 Pokeballs Edit

Welcome to another article on the new PokeMMO Wiki: started by LightlordWu and bluepeterguy.

In todays article, we will be showing you how to gain your first 5 Pokeballs. This is easy to do and gaining PokeBalls at such a low level is certainly an achievement! So, lets get started!

1) Enter PokeMMO, launch the game, insert your logon deatils, choose you player profile and bam, your in! (providing you insterted the correct deatils).

2) Then head over to the PokeMart which is located north of spawn.

3) Go to the woman at the front desc and pick up Professor Oak's Parcel. Chat with the woman at the desk then leave.

4) Head down to Oak's lab and give him the parcel. He will congratulate you and you rival will start to get jealous. You will then be give 5 Pokeballs! Enjoy them!

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