Mewtwo normal form. The only form of mewtwo prior to Generation VI

This is info about the Mewtwo PVP Event. More details can be found by reading below.

What is the Mewtwo PVP Event?Edit

Upon a player catching the Mewtwo, a global pvp event will start. this event causes any player who posses mewtwo to not be able to deny challenges. The victor of this challenge gets Mewtwo / keeps Mewtwo.

The mechanics.Edit

-Catching Mewtwo begins the event.

-Logging of with Mewtwo ends the event and Mewtwo is automaticly released

-Been defeated with Mewtwo in your party causes you to lose it.

-Deafeating a player with Mewtwo in there party causes you to obtain it.

-Mewtwo's moveset is a random set of moves from lvl 90 - 100.

-You can't deposit Mewtwo into a PC box.

Mewtwo is level 100 so be prepared when attempting to begin the event!

He has an extremly low encounter rate in cerulian cave!