Welcome to the PokeMMO Wiki! Started by LightlordWu and bluepeterguy.Edit

Welcome to the PokeMMO Wiki, where you can find tutorials, guides and articals on how to play PokeMMO! Started by LightlordWu and BluePeterGuy.

We have range of different articles, made by some of our viewers! However, we are still new to this site! So, feel free to add pages! There is everything you need here to play.  

But if we have missed something, we recommend you look it up and add a page on it.  


About PokeMMO/PokemonMMOEdit

PokeMMO is a massive online multiplayer pokemon game relying on  the Pokemon Fire Red Rom and can use graphics from heart gold/soul silver.

The benefits of using hg/ss rom aswell is that you can make pokemon follow you and use the battle graphics from the nds games. However if you dislike these graphics they can be turned off in the settings.

The game follows the Fire Red story except your a trainer rather than the hero. It also alters legendary Pokemon.

Latest activityEdit

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