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Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle

Here is the page on your Starter Pokemon! Choose wisely!

The Starter PokemonEdit

In the Pokemon games there are starter Pokemon available for selection when you start the game. PokeMMO, using a Fire Red ROM uses the same starter Pokemon.

Name: Bulbasaur Lvl 5

Type: Grass-Poison

Move1: Tackle

Move2: Growl

Name: Charmander Lvl 5

Type: Fire

Move1: Sratch

Move2: Growl

Name: Squirtle

Type: Water

Move1: Tackle

Move2: Tail Whip

Method of obtainingEdit

When you begin the game you are in your room, in front of an NES. You must

1) Go down the stairs

2) Leave your house

3) Travel north until stopped

4) You are taken to the lab where you may chose your Pokemon.

Once you have your Pokemon, your rival will chose the Pokemon that is strong against yours. Upon trying to leave the lab you are confronted in a fight with your rival. Once you win/lose the game really begins.